Considering its community's suggestions, Quik pulled off a major upgrade on its platform last week to make reselling its NFT Domains easier on marketplaces like Opensea.
Now mint your favourite NFT Domains from our new set of TLDs
Quik's Ethereum Contracts have been updated. Kindly Swap your NFT Domains.
Your in-game assets now have a real-world value thanks to blockchain tech, crypto wallets, and NFT domains. We see our domain names transforming the…
From blockchain to Web 3.0, the internet of tomorrow, we at make it easy to secure NFT domains for your next big idea!
Now use your NFT Domain Artwork as your profile photo on, and get your profile verified for building trust. Landing pages are now coming soon.
In a mutual understanding between Quik & UnstoppableDomains, .Blockchain TLD has been replaced with .Chain, and NFT Domain TLDs have been made exclusive…
Mint your first .blockchain or .metaverse or .VR domain now
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